Blind Heat Release Day and Giveaway


A woman who can’t remember. A shifter who refuses to be forgotten. “Blind Heat” by @nara_malone now available!

It’s finally here, the sequel to the Tiger’s Tale. You asked for it, wonderful readers, and I have finally delivered–it’s release day for Blind Heat, the second book in the Pantherian Passions series. It’s a big read with lots of adventure, Passion, and romance. Wonderful paranormal romance author, Siobhan Muir is hosting me today over at The Weird, the Wild, and the Wicked blog. Drop by to learn more about Blind Heat and comment to get into the drawing for a copy of the first book in the Pantherian Passions series, The Tiger’s Tale.

Side note: I am still working on opening the Pantherian virtual World of Pantheria at Kitely. Major technical issues, but I hope to unlock the portal later this afternoon or this evening and set that link live..


Blind Heat

I have the cover art for Blind Heat. Yep, I’ve got some hot PanTherian Shifters coming your way. It won’t be long to the release now. I’ll put up the date when I know.


What are Therians and Pantherians?

I think as time progresses you’ll see very different answers to that question taking shape here on the blog. To me a Therian is a being that is both human and one other animal, a shifter. My therianthrope characters are called Pantherians, after the island they call their homeland.

Unique characteristics of Pantherians:

  • Pantherians are shifters and to shift between forms they must raise their energy level to a fast enough vibration that they change state, much like water changes to steam, and travel to the shifting plane where their DNA is rearranged and then they lower the vibration descending to the earth plain and becoming visible again.
  • Pantherian females require at least two males to conceive.
  • A mysterious wasting sickness that infects the females has pushed the Pantherians to the verge of extinction, sending males deprived of mates to seek the company of human females in the human controlled regions of the world.

So out there in the world I envision, there are men hiding a barely leashed inner beast– men who are lonely, men who were raised to believe it takes at least two of them working together to thoroughly love and protect a woman. Above is a picture I took in a virtual world replica I am making for readers to explore.

Interested in learning more about Pantherians and Pantheria? Check back here on Mondays. 🙂