Pantherian Primer


Pantherian Beginnings

In the beginning, all of the Mother’s children could move between the mortal plane of the earth’s body and all of the bodiless dimensions above. In the beginning, all beings were therianthropes, both human and beast. In the beginning, all creatures could shift between both forms at will. In the beginning, all the Mother’s children lived in harmony, feeding not on each other but from the fruits of her garden.

And it wasn’t long, a millennium or two, before the true ones lost their way. Their dual natures fought for dominance.

Some decided the beast body was superior to the human and refused to spend time nurturing a naked, finless, wingless, furless form. Lost in the pursuits of physical excellence, they neglected their creative gifts.
Some decided the human form was superior and preferred spending time creating alphabets, numbers, music, art, stories. Lost in the pursuits of mind, they neglected the power of the beasts within.
Many of the True Children were lost, forgot the way into the shifting dimension. And in subsequent generations the unused side of their nature atrophied and vanished. Soon the earth garden included humans with no beast nature and beasts with no human nature.

Humans and beasts turned to cannibalism, killing and consuming each other for food, killing and consuming Therians as well. Human numbers grew until they outnumbered Therians, until humankind overran habitats, leveled forests, ravaged the earth, driving many species of beasts and Therians into extinction.

At the dawn of the industrial age, a high council convened. Elders from the eight remaining Therian tribes (Canidae, Felidae, Ursidea, Ungulae, Cetacea, Hominidae, Aves and Reptilia) determined survival required separation from humans. The elders called for an exodus to the Dragon’s Triangle of the Pacific Rim.

The True Children took the name Pantherian as a symbol of a new, unified nation and called their new homeland Pantheria. Shielded from human eyes and human invasion by magnetic forces so disruptive to navigational instruments that humans couldn’t explore with their boats and later with their planes and satellites, the population flourished.
Then came the years of the wasting sickness, a disease that killed three of every four female babies. Just when Pantherians resigned themselves to looming extinction, the first Wildlings were discovered by males who migrated back to human-controlled regions of the world when there were no longer enough mates to go around. Wildling Therians, raised in a human world that had forgotten Therians existed. Wildlings who didn’t know their true nature, but carried unique genetic traits that could reverse the Pantherian slide toward extinction.

That is the history, as recorded by the elders, of all that came before the Wildlings, before the great struggle to determine if the welfare of the few should be sacrificed to ensure the survival of the species.

Location of the Eight Pantherian Tribes

Wolf in New Mexico
Canidae — Canine Shifters. The second Largest of the tribes, but one with the smallest female population. The canidae know the days of their tribe are numbered. All the young, unmated males have left the Luna island to seek company of human females.

Felidae — Feline Cat Shfiters. The largest of the Pantherian tribes, they live on Pantheria, the largest of the Pantherian Islands.

Ursidea — The Bears. The most reclusive of the Pantherians, they inhabit Ursa island.

Ungulae — Hooved Pantherians. Ungulae inhabit the lush meadows of Savannah.

Seals Tank
Cetacea — Water-loving Pantherians, they inhabit Selkaria’s lake, streams, and surrounding ocean.

Hominidae — The primate pantherian. The smallest tribe, consisting of only a few male Yeti, they inhabit the smallest island in the Pantherian chain–Theria. Their on no females left and extinction is inevitable.

Aves — Winged Patherians who prefer the cliffs and forests of Rookereria

Dragon and moon / Dragon y Luna
Reptilia — Scaled Pantherians made their home on the slopes of Pantheria’s only active volcano, Paleria, and in the swamplands at her base.

Pantherian Kin

Parahumans– artificially created species that are a mix of genes from humans and one or more other species. They are the resutl of human gentics experiments. Parahumans have no abilty to shift form.

Wildlings– beings who exhibit all the traits of Pantherians, but were discovered living among humans with no awareness of their true nature as shifters.

Coming Soon:

The sight will grow with the series. So as not to overwhelm with too much information at once, I will ad material here on a regular basis. It will be a place for readers to learn a little more about Pantheria and a series bible for me. Wondering what’s ahead for the Pantherians? Therianverse is where you’ll find the hints 🙂

Pantherian Map

Pantherian Mating

Pantherian Code


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