Nara’s Worlds

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If you’ve never been in a virtual world it’s hard to imagine the experience of exploring as an avatar. Researcher’s say that it takes about five minutes for your brain to start experiencing the avatar body as real, an extension of yourself. I guess it’s like dreaming awake, even though it’s not real it feels that way. The wind blows, birds sing, objects respond to your touch. It’s a bit of modern day magic that you’ll fall in love with if you give it a try. Just like you had to learn to walk and sit and communicate in your human body, there’s some learning involved with moving around as an avatar. fortunately it takes minutes rather than years. Arrow keys friend 🙂

I suggest you download and install the Imprudence viewer. It’s like a web browser only it lets you view and walk around in virtual worlds. When you my links to these world pages at Kitely, you’ll be guided through the process. I pay the fees for users who visit my worlds, so don’t worry about any unexpected charges.

These are virtual worlds I created to replicate the fictional worlds in my novels.

Pantherian Passions Series (virtual worlds will be added as the series unfolds)

The island of Pantheria– New!(featured in slideshow above)

Passion’s Portal Series

Shadowling Manor–Coming when the first book in the series releases. Stay tuned it’s only a couple of weeks away.

Other Worlds

From the story Snatch Me:

Quarterz City

Quarterz Swamp

Quarterz Wasteland

Nara on Second Life:

You’re welcome to drop by and explore the land or play in the holodeck, just don’t annoy the neighbors 🙂

My Land — Nara’s Nook:

Just like on Star Trek this is pre-programmed with scenes and sets. Push buttons to change the scenes.

Nara’s Holodeck:


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