Word and phrases unique to my published stories.

Pantherian Passions Lexicon

High Council — The governing body of the Pantherians.

High Magus — Supreme spiritual leader of the eight tribes.

Ilse of Pantheria — The largest of the Pantherian Islands and home to the feline shifters.

Keeper of the Code — Pantherian assigned to interpret the ancient book of Pantherian law for the council.

Mating Triad — Pantherian females require mating with two males to conceive and mate for life. The mating triad consists of the males the female chooses from the approved list of available mates.

Pantheria — An island chain consisting of eight islands, home to the eight Pantherian tribes.

Pantherian — a species of shapeshifter that can shift between human form and one other species.

Pantherian Code — ANcient Law governingĀ  Pantherian life.

Pantherian Fire Oil — An oil used to enhance the sensual awareness of apprentices in training with the High Magus.

Parahuman Hybrid — Artificially created genetic hybrids with human brains and animal bodies.

Wildling — A recently discovered species of therian shifter which can shift between multiple species.


Passion’s Portal Lexicon (a more extensive listing can be found at Passionsportal.com)

Beast Whisperer — A human with the gift of telepathically understanding animal communication.

Passion Portal — Portals powered by sex magick that can teleport indivuals into the fantasy world of their dreams.

Selkie — An enchanted male therian shifter who is irrestible to human females. They are sentenced to spend their life at sea, coming ashore once every seven years to serve a woman from dusk to dawn. Legend states that if a woman can resist a selkie until dawn, he will be free from the enchantment.


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