Stalking a New Year #erotic


As new year stalks old
Take love
by the hair
Drag your teeth
along her neck
Wrench whispered
promises from her soul
Torture Her
with heated breath gliding

As midnight pounces
Consume love
with stubbled chin scraping thighs
Seduce Her
with tongue tango
Lick Her
until she howls
Your name

Ride Her
shatter the old
Make Love
new in You

~Nara Malone….Happy New Year!


Wishing You Better Days Ahead

Happy Fourth of July everyone. It’s been a hard year so far, and especially this past week for many of my neighbors. The heat isn’t letting up and the power isn’t back. Sometimes the change we long for is awful slow in coming, but it does. Keep believing in better days ahead for all of us. Here’s a little musical inspiration from Playing for Change;

Pantherian Passions, Summer Kick-off Giveaway and Blog Hop


Let’s kick of summer with a virtual vacation on the island of Pantheria.

To celebrate the release of Blind Heat, the second book in the Pantherian Passions series, I’m giving away a copy of the first book in the series, The Tiger’s Tale.

Do you love shifters? Therianverse is a site dedicated to my therian shifter romances–both the Pantherians from Pantherian Passions and therians from the Passions Portal Series. Leave a comment on this post about something interesting you found on one of the Therianverse pages and you’ll be entered in the drawing to win a copy of The Tiger’s Tale.

On the Worlds page, you’ll find links to the virtual world of Pantheria where you can search for the crystal cave, wade in the tide pool, watch the sun set and the moon rise from the stone circle or meditate in the butterfly garden. Go whale watching on a raft. Hike the trails through woods and along the coast. Visit the lodge where the council elders meet. Here’s your chance to see the homeland loved by Pantherian males, forced by circumstance to leave the land they love. I’m always adding new content, so stop back often.

On the Books page you can learn more about Blind Heat, The Tiger’s Tale, and the new Passions’s Portal series launching at Ellora’s Cave this summer.

Learn about Pantherians in the primer and then check out the Lexicon to learn more about Pantherians, Wildlings, and Therians.

Visit other bloggers in the hop for chances to win other great prizes.

And since won’t allow me to run the link script in my page, you’ll have to click the link to get the list. 😦

Go here for the links to other blog hop sites.

Giveaway and Pantherian Passions World Open

Sit on the dock at Pantherian Bay and waste some time watching the waves.

See if you can find the Crystal Cave.

Visit the High Council Lodge

Dance in the Stone Circle is part of the Sensual Reads blog hop this week to celbrate the release of Blind Heat and the opening of Pantherian virtual world to the public.

The blog hop post goes live tomorrow so drop back by to learn details for your chance to win a copy of The Tiger’s Tale, the first book in the Pantherian Passions series.

The Pantherian World is now open for visitors. Can you find the Crystal Cave?

Readers of the Pantherian Passions Series tell me they’d like to know more about the Pantherian homeland the Pantherian males have been forced to leave, so I put together a virtual replica you can visit as an avatar. It’s easy to use, log in with your Facebook or Twitter ID and follow the directions. Shifts Shape



Starting a new project, in this case a new blog is always a journey into discovery. What you thought you were going to create when you started isn’t ever what you end up with. Such is the case with This began as group blog shared by three authors writing therianthrope shifter romance. Unfortunately real life demands made it impossible for two of them to continue. For the last couple of months I’ve been mulling over what I would do with this space. I’ve decided to repurpose Therianverse.

Since I’m now writing for two series that include therian shifters, Pantherian Passions(Pantherian World) and Passion’s Portal(Shadowling World), I decided to use the site to provide content based on those story worlds.This will be the online bible for the content I accumulate while telling my tales. At present a fraction of what I have is posted. I will add to this as each series unfolds.

So what will you find here?

Blogging: By me, by guests, by characters. On anything pertaining to therianthropy, otherkin, Pantherian Passions, Passion’s Portal, parahuman research, animal rights, magickal beings, virtual beings.

Primers: Histories and legends surrounding Pantherians, Wildlings, Selkies, Ceffyl-Dwr (big hint of what’s to come there), Nyx and Shadow People(hint, hint) and other mystical beings.

Next Dimension Research Archive Content: The Maps, lexicons, political and cultural documents, news clippings, art, photos, videos, and poetry I find on my adventures in the story dimension.

Character Studies: Pictures, bios, video interviews, character blogging, emails, journals

Virtual Worlds: Interactive models of the story settings that you can explore in an avatar body. Plus pictures and video from my explorations there.

Lexicon: Definitions of objects and terms unique to the Pantherian and Shadowling Worlds.

Bestiary: Book of mystical beings that inhabit the Pantherian and Shadowling Worlds.

Mystical Games: Yeah, we have to have those! Some will be simple enough to embed in a blog post, some downloadable, and others will be integrated in the virtual worlds.

Like the mystical beings that people my stories, Therianverse will evolve and grow. I hope you enjoy what you discover here as much as I enjoy the creation.



I was a cog
held in my place by invisible screws,
there to fix a machine,
not you.

You were a secret
someone forgot to put away.
Our connection
landed reprimands in personnel files.
Changed nothing.

Had you ever seen the sky?
Tasted hope’s promises?
Been hugged?
I hope not.
I can’t forget your eyes.


This post is a response to G-Man’s Friday Flash 55 challenge. Drop by to see what others wrote, or to join the fun yourself.


cheetah face woman

She was patchwork
She was
poly cotton
implanted id
She was volatility merged with chaos
She’s why
neither borrower nor lender should humans be

She was gourmet blended DNA
She was
She was manufactured mammal no one had a taste for
She’s why
neither borrower nor lender should humans be

She was hope in a hopeless form
She was
too animal to be human
too busy clawing her way into her humanity to care
too human to let our disapproval matter
too full of life to die
She will test our humanity through her existence
She’s why
neither borrower nor lender should humans be


*image credit: cheetah face woman by dreamglowpumpkincat210, on Flickr