Giveaway and Pantherian Passions World Open

Sit on the dock at Pantherian Bay and waste some time watching the waves.

See if you can find the Crystal Cave.

Visit the High Council Lodge

Dance in the Stone Circle is part of the Sensual Reads blog hop this week to celbrate the release of Blind Heat and the opening of Pantherian virtual world to the public.

The blog hop post goes live tomorrow so drop back by to learn details for your chance to win a copy of The Tiger’s Tale, the first book in the Pantherian Passions series.

The Pantherian World is now open for visitors. Can you find the Crystal Cave?

Readers of the Pantherian Passions Series tell me they’d like to know more about the Pantherian homeland the Pantherian males have been forced to leave, so I put together a virtual replica you can visit as an avatar. It’s easy to use, log in with your Facebook or Twitter ID and follow the directions.


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