Shifts Shape


Starting a new project, in this case a new blog is always a journey into discovery. What you thought you were going to create when you started isn’t ever what you end up with. Such is the case with This began as group blog shared by three authors writing therianthrope shifter romance. Unfortunately real life demands made it impossible for two of them to continue. For the last couple of months I’ve been mulling over what I would do with this space. I’ve decided to repurpose Therianverse.

Since I’m now writing for two series that include therian shifters, Pantherian Passions(Pantherian World) and Passion’s Portal(Shadowling World), I decided to use the site to provide content based on those story worlds.This will be the online bible for the content I accumulate while telling my tales. At present a fraction of what I have is posted. I will add to this as each series unfolds.

So what will you find here?

Blogging: By me, by guests, by characters. On anything pertaining to therianthropy, otherkin, Pantherian Passions, Passion’s Portal, parahuman research, animal rights, magickal beings, virtual beings.

Primers: Histories and legends surrounding Pantherians, Wildlings, Selkies, Ceffyl-Dwr (big hint of what’s to come there), Nyx and Shadow People(hint, hint) and other mystical beings.

Next Dimension Research Archive Content: The Maps, lexicons, political and cultural documents, news clippings, art, photos, videos, and poetry I find on my adventures in the story dimension.

Character Studies: Pictures, bios, video interviews, character blogging, emails, journals

Virtual Worlds: Interactive models of the story settings that you can explore in an avatar body. Plus pictures and video from my explorations there.

Lexicon: Definitions of objects and terms unique to the Pantherian and Shadowling Worlds.

Bestiary: Book of mystical beings that inhabit the Pantherian and Shadowling Worlds.

Mystical Games: Yeah, we have to have those! Some will be simple enough to embed in a blog post, some downloadable, and others will be integrated in the virtual worlds.

Like the mystical beings that people my stories, Therianverse will evolve and grow. I hope you enjoy what you discover here as much as I enjoy the creation.


2 thoughts on “ Shifts Shape

  1. Sounds interesting. Good luck in your endeavor. I look forward to reading more about this world and these series. 🙂

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