Seducing the Ice Queen

Ice queen

1. Her

Is this all you’ve got?

2. You

You contemplate renegade eyes,
behind frosty veil–
lost reality rising.

3. By the Rules

They filled the bill.
Paid the bill.
Dared nothing more.
Propriety unchallenged.
Desire’s frozen wasteland.

4. Conflicted

Be comfortable companions,
respecting armored egos,
playing sex safe.


Break through faux love’s cliched embrace,
icebound style guide’s five-fingered vice.

5. Dipping the Pen

Tongues slicing attached strings,
parachutes abandoned.
Writing naked–
bodies cursive strokes,
free-falling into linen winterscape.

6. You

Burn through block like a torch.
Untamed, teeth bared,
pen dripping.

7. Her

Torch me.
Be my spring.


***Because I’ve been battling brain freeze this week. Because there’s nothing that gets my juices flowing like a bunch of rules to bend as far as I can without breaking. Because I wanted to make something new out of something old. I took a shot at symmetrina– another bent rule because it’s a flash fiction form, not poetry. And symmetrina haz got rulez: it has to be written to a rising and falling incremental word count, the incremental number has to appear in the story, specific rules dictate which POV gets used in each section, and it all has to hang together as a story. Titles don’t count in the word counts.

A good explanation can be found here if you’re interested, or feeling desperate 🙂

this post is part of dVerse open link night.


18 thoughts on “Seducing the Ice Queen

  1. Yeah, I just tried to comment to you from my Blogger ID and it deleted my comment for a stupid reason. Same thing happens if I’m logged in at WordPress trying to comment on Blogger blogs. Drives me out of my mind. I appreciate you hanging in there and making your voice heard 🙂

  2. Third try on a comment and my brain has lost most of the first two–I think your attempt to use form to get your juices flowing was very effective and worthwhile. Liked the piece, especially the changing points of view, and numerical separators.

  3. wow..sounds complicated…but really love what you made of it..much like how this develops..and esp. loved the dipping the pen part where everything starts to flow again…the abandoned parachutes..writing…def. the way to go..nice..

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