A Therian Friday Five

Angel of Death Best Viewed Large

Okay, so those are angels, which is otherkin and not Therian. But it is a lovely picture from the first resource on my list. Visit the following links to connect with great people, art, fiction and articles related to the entire Therianverse (otherkin, and weres included).

Deviant Art: Beautiful art and a large Therian community among the artists. Here is just one of many place to hook up at DA.

Fetlife Forums: A good place to meet up with other people in the community. I like the Haven for Therians, Otherkin, and Totems. They keep a nice resource list in the stickies above the forum.

Second Life: A place to be your true self. Shift into a skin that fits your wildish nature. You’ll find anthro and feral avatars in every form imaginable.

Otherkin.net: Interested in learning more about the various Otherkin? Here’s a list of interesting articles. I have first dibs on the one about shadow beings. 😉

Therianverse.com: Yes, that’s us. We aim to be your go-to resource for information about the newest releases in Therian fiction, as well as entertaining you with stories, poetry, art, and guest bloggers from the Therian community.


Image Credit: Angel of Death Best Viewed Large by Jula Carnell, on Flickr


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