Other skin?

I’m not a skin walker,
not in the old way.
Rather I am the skin,
the vessel, a ferry for bodiless beings
showing up on the doorstep of my imagination.

I am the channel–a voice
for the four-footed
for the winged
for the furred
for the finned
for the scaled voices that haunt my dreams.

Solemn spirits hold as much a presence in my inner life
as the string of broken-winged birds, crooked-eyed cats, and
three-legged dogs making themselves to home in my house.

I don’t know how they find me,
these odd little characters,
those with bodies and those without.

I don’t know why me.

I put out a no vacancy sign.
Still they burrow in,
perching on a stack of books,
shedding all over lines of poetry,
or blending subtly with the pattern of line and voice in a paragraph of prose,
patiently entwining who they are with who I am.

Does that make me therianthrope, were, otherkin?

Aren’t we all irrevocably molded by the others moving in and out of our lives?
Aren’t we all kin whether we travel on feet, wings, or thoughts?

I can see that reflected in the mirror of a blog.
Some choose to stop,
leave a mark in comments with words,
while others glide by silent,
keeping to the edges, to the shadows
leaving only a whisker, the swish of feather against air, or tuft of fur in passing.

Yet all characters, real or not, leave an impression echoing in our souls.

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27 thoughts on “Other skin?

  1. I have to say “I was here” There, no invisible marks or wondering how my appearance may affect others or myself. Animals are drawn to you. You are fortunate because you won’t find more devoted, trusting, innocents to blend your life with. As for people, I learn from everyone, not only by listening to what they share but I also learn my weaknesses and my strengths just as I learn theirs. This is a very thought provoking write. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. really intersting- free flowing poem. i like the subject matter- which can lead to all kinds of train of thought. Why are we like we are? who or what influences us? what draws and attracts others to us? is it something external or something internal? is it spirit or science? you raise some interesting questions and thoughts here

  3. As you have left an impression on ours. Loved the substance and shadows that populate this poem, the stuff of our life, and the life of our dreams — all dwell together here in skin, scale, fin and fur. It is a home, a wordly planet where the marks of feet and pen touch our hearts. Well done.

  4. I so resonate with this exquisite piece, Nara. You’ll find me buried under a dogpile of cats (there’s an oxymoron for ya) most evenings. But hey, it saves on the heating bill.

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